The eye of the Unseen

The subjects of the unseen were multiple interpretations of personal curiosity and small modest obsessions. Sympathic and familiar. A lot of them played with nostalgic history, edited old photos, visualized magic dream worlds or used materials of the process of photo to image as experiment.

It is conspicious that photographers now breaking the common practise which shows the essential tool to creative innovation. Thanks to all the violence on the digital web media, artists take the challenge to see differently out of the digital world. Making the invisible visible, gives the ephemeral a ground to root, creates a remember for the forgotten, the unspoken emotions, the unseen.

Red line in Topics

  • Paper collages; playful and non-digital
  • Japanese artists; with animism as main subject, everything has a spirit or soul
  • Dust; associated with unkempt and neglected environments. Now it is used as a filter to make it dizzy and dreaming
  • Edited old photos, mainly portrets. But also cut-outs wich are filled in with others or pixeled.
  • Mysticism landscapes; the Floating worlds,  to wonder who you are in this world
  • Imperfect, damaged or covered faces
  • Objects in an empty background
  • Travel narratives, the atmosphere of the country instead of exact the place or building ar leading
foto 19
foto 11
foto 9
foto 18
foto 6
foto 7
foto 17
foto 2
foto 1
foto 4 kopie
foto 16
foto 12

Artists to wach


Arno Schidlowski

Bruno V.Roels

Clara Langan

Daisuke Yokota

Huang Xiaoliang

JH Engstrom

Lorenz Strassl

Matt Wilson

Michael Wolf

Nadav Kander

Shao Wenhuan

Susannah Baker-Smith

2 thoughts on “Unseen

  1. Wow, it is clear that this is curated by Merin. Thanks to see UNSEEN through your eyes. I regret that I didn’t have the opportunity to visit UNSEEN. But now I at least know what i missed. Thank you!

  2. Wow. This is clearly curated by Merin. Thank you for allowing me a visit to UNSEEN through your eyes. Unfortunately I was not able to visit myself but I could not wish me a better after-view (:

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